Back from the St.Abbs Woolfestival

What an exciting day we’ve had yesterday! Linda, Fiona, Jo and I went to the St.Abbs Woolfestival. The event was not very busy , but is was a good experience and with a little extra marketing could easily return to it’s former strength in the future. Still, we had a good time and gained some valuable experience on many fronts.
It was a good research-trip for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival we’re planning for the 16th March 2013.

St.Abbs is such a lovely little place and the nice weather made it even prettier.

Linda, alias Craftyally, brought along her handmade project and notions bags and got great feedback on her handy-work. She now also has an etsy shop. Check out her blog for details.

Jo has been working on a lovely shawl pattern she designed with “Show Pony 4-ply” and this was launched yesterday too. Meet “Gilver”:

Worn like a scarf by the designer…

Check out Jo’s other cool designs in her Ravelry Store here.

Lastly it was a great to be able to test the waters with my yarn collection and I’m really pleased with the feedback.

Thanks so much to Fiona for coming along for moral and hands-on support (and knitting samples!!!). Below she’s instructing us in sales-tecniques…

Also, thanks to Katrina, Kathryn, Jane and Chris for making it down especially.
We’ll be back on the last Saturday in February 2013 for the next Woolfestival!

About Yarn Pony

I like yarn. A lot. And puppies. I also dye yarn to feed my knitting obession. Together with Jo ( I organise the Edinburgh Yarn Festival ( Twitter: @yarnpony facebook: YarnPony
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2 Responses to Back from the St.Abbs Woolfestival

  1. KristenMakes says:

    Sorry I wasn’t able to swing by! St. Abbs proved too hard to get to via public transport so we took a walk in Peebles instead. Hopefully for February though. Glad it was so great!

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