Edinburgh Yarn Festival – it did really happen, right?

Well, what can I say?
Last Saturday saw the first Edinburgh Yarn Festival and I think we can call it a success. Linda, Jo and I spent a lot of time organising the event in the past weeks and months and we were rewarded with loads of smiling, happy faces. We will post more about our experience on our website in the next couple of days, so keep an eye on that. We must be the last people to write about it!

Apart from having the responsibility (and fun!) organising the EYF, I also participated as a stallholder. Taking part in this event was a fantastic experience for me with my Yarn Pony hat on and I’m delighted with the feedback I received on my yarns.
I set off on Saturday morning with 1 1/2 car loads full of yarn and came back with one box!

Team Yarn Pony had everything set up well before the doors opened at 10am, and then they came. Seeing the wave of happy, smiling faces roll towards us was amazing. We were busy all day and just about managed to get a cup of tea and a pastry.
Big, big credit for the success of my stall has to be given to Fiona, Verena and Nicola of “Team Yarn Pony”. You girls rock!

verena-and-fiona  DSC_1550DSC_1548

Yarn Pony in action…
DSC_1598 DSC_1655

Still, I had a little time to greet friends, just after the doors opened

Below are Jo and Linda fighting over the left-overs

Loads of people have blogged about EYF and some even have some nice images of my yarn…an extra special thank your to Katherine for all her pictures!



Loads of people have asked me for my online store, which I don’t have as yet. If you would like to know when my yarn will be available, or where/when you can buy it locally, or if you are interested in a dyeing workshop, get in touch via the form below!

I also have a Ravelry group you can join!

About Yarn Pony

I like yarn. A lot. And puppies. I also dye yarn to feed my knitting obession. Together with Jo (http://www.wordpress.bluebluegrey.com) I organise the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (http://www.edinyarnfest.com) Twitter: @yarnpony facebook: YarnPony http://www.yarnpony.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to Edinburgh Yarn Festival – it did really happen, right?

  1. Nicola says:

    I will gladly be a part of TYP any time, looking forward to the ‘staff’ get-together!

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