Handmade in the UK…

Yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year in Edinburgh, and what does a girl do on an evening of a day like this? Go to yarn-store for a book-launch of course!
You know you are an obsessed with yarn if even our current heatwave will not prevent you from fondling wool. For the benefit of my North American friends, we don’t do air cons here. Hot means hot everywhere.

Emily Wessel launched the release of the print-version of Handmade in the UK  yesterday at Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh and it was a great turn-out, even though it was so hot.

I got myself a signed copy of Pacific Knits (by Tin Can Knits, a transatlantic design partnership of which Emily is one half ) which was also on offer. That Antler cardigan is calling to me already. Off to buy ice-cream now…

Emily ready for some book-signing


Hanging with the cool kids


The book-launch coincided with the 1st anniversary of Kathy’s Knits opening doors and this was the celebatory cake. What more could a girl ask for?


About Yarn Pony

I like yarn. A lot. And puppies. I also dye yarn to feed my knitting obession. Together with Jo (http://www.wordpress.bluebluegrey.com) I organise the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (http://www.edinyarnfest.com) Twitter: @yarnpony facebook: YarnPony http://www.yarnpony.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to Handmade in the UK…

  1. Iris Mathers says:

    I was at Kathy’s Knits yesterday evening too. Yes, it was very hot!! Went home to chill out and read my new copy of Handmade in the U.K. Now to decide which pattern to start first.
    I aready own Tin Can Knits’ other two pattern books and have w i p from both.

  2. WeeFee says:

    Handmade in the UK ‘Estuary’ plus ShowPony in Midnight is calling me… trying to resist… Toasty weather, lovely evening and great to see you again!

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