Back on the Blog-Wagon

It’s been a while and I thank you all for hanging in there! What have you been up to?

I’ve been knitting a lot (amongst other things), but I’m really bad at updating my Ravelry Projects, so here a little summary of my FOs:

20140302-161730.jpgKathleen by Jane Richmond was 2013’s favourite hat-pattern for me and I made 5 of them in different colours. This green one is made with Cascade 220 (my “desert island yarn” :-). It’s slightly too short for me (I was running out), so I donated it to Be Inspired Fibres in Marchmont as a sample since Mei stocks the yarn.

My sweater projects included Antler, a 4-ply sweater by Ankestrick 20140302-162005.jpg. The construction method really intrigued me as most raglan sweaters simple don’t fit me very well. 20140302-162020.jpgThis pattern uses saddle shoulders and contiguous sleeves and makes for a much better fit and interesting knit. I will be back for more of her patterns!

My favourite 2013 project would have to be Ysolda’s Strokkur, about which you can find an older blog-post here.

Other rec20140302-162038.jpgent FOs include a Hitchhiker (red/blue 20140302-161935.jpgZauberball), a Simmerdim and his’n her hats (very cheesy, I know).

There were also a couple of other hats along the way…DSC_0025


Follow Your Arrow
Many of you have participated in Ysolda’s fabulous “Follow-Your-Arrow” KAL and I have received lots of messages requesting info about where to buy Yarn Pony yarns. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to run and service an online shop and
2014 will see me committing most of my time to other (yarn-related) projects, so there will be very little yarn-dyeing, but there might just be the occasional delivery to The Woolly Brew or Kathy’s Knits. I’ll keep you posted.20140302-161810.jpg
20140302-161912.jpgI’ve started the KAL too, but then got distracted by other things, so I don’t have an FO to show, only my colour choices and the WIP. The colours are “Silberling” and “Roman Coin”. Right, off to find that project and put a few more rows in…

To keep my studio going, I will offer some weekend dyeing-workshops again. Apologies if you’ve put your name down but haven’t heard anything for a while, I’ll be in touch in the next week or so. There will also be a separate blog-post about this.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015
You might or might not know that Jo and I are the organisers of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015. As such, more blogging will be going on on that site in the next 12 months. Please subscribe to updates over on that site if you want to follow us in the run-up to Scotland’s biggest urban yarn festival (insert excited squeek here).
Jo and I are knee-deep in planning for EYF 2015 and if you subscribe to the EYF 2015 website, then you will be amongst the first to hear the exact where and when first. We had (and still have) to deal with some serious “grown-up” stuff to lay the foundations for this and are hoping that we can finally reveal the exact where and when REALLY soon. The festival will be in March again and it will be in Edinburgh.
When we organised last year’s event, Linda was part of the team, but she since left Scotland returning to her native Sweden. Say hello to her on Ravelry or check out her blog.


from left to right: a knackered post EYF me, Linda, Jo

Keeping it in the family
In January one of my sisters visited and I’m extremely please that I managed to infect her with the yarn-bug. She is now obsessed with knitting and regularly tries to raid my stash. It seems that I have created a monster20140302-162227.jpg 🙂20140302-162251.jpg
Both of my sisters are extremely creative (one being a Goldsmith, the other a Tailor) and it takes something really interesting to take them away from their other pursuits. Sonja takes like a fish to water when it comes to learning things she enjoys. To give you an idea of her interest, here her first lace project…DSC_0074

About Yarn Pony

I like yarn. A lot. And puppies. I also dye yarn to feed my knitting obession. Together with Jo ( I organise the Edinburgh Yarn Festival ( Twitter: @yarnpony facebook: YarnPony
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  1. Anne Clouter says:

    At last, news from YarnPony. Thanks Michaela. Really enjoyed reading your post and plans. Love Anne xx

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