About Yarn Pony

I’ve made multiple attempts to start blogging about stuff, but I figured out that unless I’m truly passionate about something, the words simply don’t come out. I now have appeared to have found that passion: I enjoy knitting in almost every spare minute I have. On top of that I really, really like dyeing yarn.
I live in Edinburgh with my partner, plotting yarn events and dyeing yarn. So, why “Yarn Pony”?Since a very early age I’ve been passionate about horses and spend most of my childhood on the back of ponies. Only knitting, dyeing yarn and of course puppies bring out the same level of excitement and passion in me.

Photo on 2010-10-12 at 13.37

I’m on Ravelry as lillebrit – say hello!

8 Responses to About Yarn Pony

  1. Melissa says:

    Yay! for having a dye studio!

  2. Carmen says:

    For Buy your yarn? How i can make? I’m italian! Thank you! Carmen

  3. Rosie smith says:

    I am staying in Edinburgh and would like to know where you are

    • Yarn Pony says:

      Hi Rosie, I don’t have a shop, just a studio that I work from. There will be an “Open Studio Weekend” in October though where you can buy yarn, or just come and visit. Date and times to be confirmed!

  4. Hi I am from Sweden, can I buy your yarn online?

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